Bow Tie - Lichtenberg Slimline Bow Tie -  - District 31 - 3
Bow Tie - Lichtenberg Slimline Bow Tie -  - District 31 - 1
Bow Tie - Lichtenberg Slimline Bow Tie -  - District 31 - 2

Lichtenberg Slimline Bow Tie

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A classic slim bow tie, carefully handcrafted from personally selected Cedar wood to ensure not only a high quality, but beautiful product.

A unique, and sure to surprise, design, these intricate designs are made by running 12,000 Volts of electricity through the wood's surface. Electricity tends to follow the "path of least resistance" and will follow and jump and move through the wood's grain in random patterns, creating what is known as a "Lichtenburg Fractal Figure".

Since I cannot control the electricity (much), the lines and depth vary from piece to piece. I hand select which portion of the pattern will be used, clean and seal all edges and sand to a sliky smooth surface.

Finished with my Oil/Poly/wax blend, this beautifully unique Slimline Bow tie is truly something else.


*This is a completely unique Series of the Slimline bow ties. Each is completely different from the next, and only a limited number will be initially made available. Currently only available in Cedar. Images depict typical look, but can and will vary. For up to date photographs of available options, please email me.