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Air Plant Vase - Round Cut Off Air Plant Vase -  - District 31 - 2
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Round Cut Off Air Plant Vase

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These beautifully simple cut off vases feature an ever changing pattern, making each one unique.

These begin life as waste pieces that otherwise would have no life and be destined for the proverbial "Burn Pile" that is in every wood workers garage. That place where scraps and other not wanted material ends up.

I've salvaged this chucks of wood and shaped and sanded each to form something wonderfully unique - each having its own shape and angle of sitting.

Featuring an Air Plant in a 1" pocket, the green plants add just a wisp of color and fancy!

Popular wood options include
-Red Cedar
-Red Oak

Each one measures a little different than it's brother or sister, but all stay within about 3.5" x 3.5" x 3.5"

Because of the nature of this product, no two are exactly alike and available stock changes. I try to keep this part updated with what is currently available, but please convo me if you want to check on what's available now!

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