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The Betula Lightweights

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Handcrafted Jewelry from District 31

The Betula Lightweights by District 31 are handmade out of all-natural materials. All pieces are unique due to the variations in wood grains and the human touch of the crafting process.

Living Art

Betula Lightweights earrings are a strong, trendy fashion statement with a comfortable, light feeling. You will barely notice you are wearing the geometrically patterned earrings. But the people around you will notice your unique fashion sense with the strong, clean lines and natural look of Baltic birch. The bold, modified diamond shaped earrings are comfortable enough that you’ll be able to wear them all day in comfort.

Product Details

Sturdy yet stylish Betula Lightweight Birch earrings are made of a single, slim piece of bark and expertly crafted and designed to be a lasting addition to your jewelry collection. Each earring measures about 1”x2”x 2.5” and are made with Sterling Silver and natural birch. Order yourself a special treat today by purchasing the Betula Lightweights Earrings for yourself or someone you love.